Friday, September 7, 2012

Well our carving journey has begun and already we have problems. There was a bad spot in the wood that wasn't discovered until the cutout was made. Now we have to decide how to fix it. I have three options that will possibly work. I can cut the head off and peg/glue a new one on. I can use Bondo or some other putty to fill the hole. I can use the patch method where a piece of wood is cut to size and glued in place. Lets go over each and decide which is best for this fix.
 The bondo or putty method would be the least disireable because of the size of the hole. When I texture I use stones and carving burrs along with a wood burner The bondo or putty does not burn well. I have found that after painting there is a difference in the look of the texture. It is fine for small fixes but not this large.
  Cutting the head off and gluing a new one in place will work well. I have done this when I want to turn the head some. But I also usually make the neck a little longer to account for this. I am not sure I have the length I need to do that.
   So I think my best option is the patch plug. I usually carve out as much of the wood as neccessary to get to solid wood. I then cut the hole by hand to square up the sides and ends. A plug is then cut and glued in place. Any imperfections can then be filled with a small amount of wood putty.


  1. Would you ever post your plans for a polar bear head?

  2. By plans do you mean a pattern or how to carve the head. If you are looking for some direction in carving the head the feature on carving the bear covers that. If you are looking for a pattern for a bear head there are many resources out there for patterns.