Monday, September 10, 2012

This morning I have finished up the texture on the head and applied 3 coats of sealer. When I texture I use a couple of different tools. I use the blue Ceramcut stones, I like these over the white stones because they seem to run cooler so you don't burn the wood. They also don't to need to be cleaned as often. I also use a diamond carving bit and the woodburner. Depending on where I am working on the carving will dictate which bit I will use. Generally the hair is shorter near the face. I will use the smaller bits for shorter or finer hair and the larger ones for longer or courser hair. Remember the hair on all animals almost always flows down and back. From the nose to the tail is how I carve the bear and also how I texture him.

These are the bits I use most often when I texture. The two on the right are the Ceramcut stones the other two are diamond bits. These surely are not the only ones I will use as there are many others that I have and will use depending on the carving.


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