Friday, September 21, 2012

Now that I have one eye to my liking I can start working the other. Here's where it gets tricky. Making one eye look the way I want is easy making them both look the same, not so easy. At least not for me. No matter how many eyes I set it still can take me upwards of two hours or better to get them right. But then again if they aren't right the rest of the carving won't be either. For each carving I do I am looking for a specific "look" not only in the pose but also in the eyes.
 In the first picture I have added a gob of putty to the other eye and will begin to work it in. 
Now we have the finished results. Both eyes look the same, have the look I wanted and it only took me about two hour for both eyes.
Here we have the eyes completed

As you can see here the left eye needs some more work. I will now work this one with some carving bits to further refine it.

Now we can talk a little about the highly sophisticated and technological tools I use for setting eyes. You've already seen the bit I use for drilling my pilot holes, now for the rest.
The top two are alignment tools I made from a couple of old upholsetry needles. The work great for aligning the eyes, just put the tools at the top, bottom or the front of the eyes to see if the are aligned as below
Here I can see the tools are straight across from each other and by looking from the end I can tell if they are in line that way.
The other tools are simply different size carving bits I use to enlarge the eye socket. I try to pick one that is as close to or slightly over the size of the eyes. I will grind out the pilot hole until I have the depth that I want.

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