Sunday, September 9, 2012

Now for the eyes. Due to an operator error (mainly mine) the pictures I had taken of the layout process for the eyes were inadvertently deleted. Sometime before we are finished with the bear I will carve another head. I will then cover how to layout the eyes, insert them and use putty to form the eye lids. The pictures below are of the completed head ready for texture. The eyes have been inserted with the lids formed and the ears have been carved in place.

I prefer to use Dap Plastic Wood putty to form the eye lids and the area around the eyes. I use acetone as a thinner for the putty. By using this I can easily adjust the eyes lids by keeping the putty moist with the acetone. The head is now ready for the texture process and then it can be sealed. As you can see a polar bear has a long slim head, with much smaller ears that are further down the sides of the head.

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