Monday, September 17, 2012

  As promised I have started another polar bear head. Fact is instead of just carving a head, I have started another polar bear carving. This time I will show you my process for setting the eyes. Again it may not be the best way but it's how I insert and set eyes. I have again carved the nose so that it can be used as my reference point for the eyes, ears and mouth. I have found that for polar bears an approximate sixty degree angle from the tip of the nose back to the face is where the eyes will be positioned. How did I come up with sixty degrees? Well it looks right and I've taken as many measurements of as many head on pictures of polar bears as I could find. Also I have several patterns by well known pattern makers and it comes out about the same on the pattern, anywhere from 55-65 degrees. By far the biggest factor is how do they look in relationship to the nose. That is why once I have the nose carved and the head roughed in I keep drawing and erasing the eyes until I get them right.
  In the pictures you can see I have the nose completed the preliminary mouth carved and the eye sockets carved in. If you look close you can see a small hole in each eye socket. Figuring roughly sixty degrees from the tip of the nose I put a small hole each socket. This gives me a rough idea where the eyes should go.

Next we will draw the eyes in and I will show you how I set and finish them.

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