Friday, March 6, 2015

  Wow I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I have been busy though and if you've visited my Etsy site you will notice that. With that said I thought I would try to get you caught up with what I've been up to.
  I've been doing a lot of carving of course, but have also been helping out more with teaching at our local tech school. There are a lot of newer carvers and it is hard for the instructor to give a lot of individual help, so I've been helping out. Still involved with our local carving club as the president, of the Waupaca Area Woodcarvers. I also have joined another club about 30 mile away. I was a member of the Wisconsin River Woodcarvers about 15 years ago, but due to work issues had to drop out. I will also be showing off my carvings at a couple of wood carving shows this year. I used to do the shows a lot, but again with work issues it got to be a hassle.
  I've also built myself a small forge and have begun building a few carving knives. I have sold quite a few locally and even have a couple of requests for knives. Not really looking to go into the business, it's just something I wanted to try. I will post some pictures of my forge soon.
 On another note a carving friend of mine recently gave me a Wilton Power Arm for carving. He said they used it at the machine shop where he worked. It needs a little work, but for the price (free) I can handle that. Here are a few pictures of it now, and once I get it up and working I will post some of it in action. Thanks Wally!
  Hopefully I am going to be able do better at this whole blog thing to keep you updated.

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